"I want to be happy"

"I want to be happy."

"I want to be happy."

You must have heard those exact words so many times before, and the fact is that every normal person living in this world wants to have a happy life.

We believe happiness should be for everyone. Yet, unfortunately, not everyone lives their life happily.

In a way, many people view happiness as a premium commodity. An expensive lifestyle that only a few people can afford to purchase.  In short, most people think it costs a lot to be happy.

And even if someone could wave a magic wand and give you that kind of happiness, it would be short-lived and then you would come back to your previous sad state called "reality" (with a jolt). Right?

Can you name the things that would make you happy?

You might mention things like pots of money, a sports car, a mansion by the seaside or the latest pair of name-brand shoes you saw at the mall last weekend.

Or you might mention experiences like a paid vacation, time to enjoy your hobbies or play sports, a decadent dinner at a fancy restaurant with that special someone, or to hear someone say you look like a supermodel, or it might be something as simple as time for a daily nap.

If you are a religious person, God might be the sole reason for your happiness.

To most people, happiness is being free from any, and all worries, the freedom to do anything they want whenever they want and to buy whatever their heart desires.

Do you have all these things in your life?

If you do, congratulations! This means that you are one of the few people on Earth who has attained every level of outward happiness.

If you don't, however, don't worry. You are not alone.

Let's imagine for a moment… if you already had all the things you dream of… how do you feel?

Are you happy? Satisfied? Fulfilled?  Do you feel the rush of all these positive feelings? Are you on a high?

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you took the time to think about your dreams? And when was the last time you experienced these feelings?

"When is the last time you dream your dream?"

We know that children have the greatest imagination and grandest dreams. As they grow older, they gradually lose those dreams and imagination. They begin to think that those dreams and imagination are silly and outlandish.

This is where most of us are right now. Without realizing it, we have limited ourselves.

We hijack our dreams, to settle for a life we don't like, an existence.

This is also the case with people who have tried to achieve big dreams but have given up somewhere along the way.

They think it is because they are trapped in daily activities and have no time to focus on their dreams. Or they think they don't have enough money to make their dreams reality. Or they listen to society or their spouse or their parents or friends who think their idea is preposterous.

In the end, no matter how hard they try, they find themselves simply drifting farther from their dreams.

And this is the reason we created this course – to give you back your dreams.

This course will show you how to achieve your dreams again in an easy to follow, digestible way, step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson.

And by following each step and filling out your workbook, you can re-learn what you have learned and re-educate yourself to create the business that will give you the life of your dreams.